Acts 15:24

Certain which went from us (tine ex hmwn, Aleph B omit exelqonte). A direct blow at the Judaizers, put in delicate language (we heard hkousamen) as if only at Antioch ( Acts 15:1 ), and not also in Jerusalem in open meeting ( Acts 15:5 ). Have troubled you with words (etaraxan uma logoi). What a picture of turmoil in the church in Antioch, words, words, words. Aorist tense of the common verb tarassw, to agitate, to make the heart palpitate ( John 14:1 John 14:27 ) and instrumental case of logoi. Subverting your souls (anaskeuazonte ta psuca umwn). Present active participle of anaskeuazw, old verb (ana and skeuo, baggage) to pack up baggage, to plunder, to ravage. Powerful picture of the havoc wrought by the Judaizers among the simple-minded Greek Christians in Antioch. To whom we gave no commandment (oi ou diesteilameqa). First aorist middle indicative of diastellw, old verb to draw asunder, to distinguish, to set forth distinctly, to command. This is a flat disclaimer of the whole conduct of the Judaizers in Antioch and in Jerusalem, a complete repudiation of their effort to impose the Mosaic ceremonial law upon the Gentile Christians.