Acts 15:28

To the Holy Spirit and to us (twi pneumati twi agiwi kai hmin). Dative case after edoxen (third example, verses Galatians 22 25 28 ). Definite claim that the church in this action had the guidance of the Holy Spirit. That fact was plain to the church from what had taken place in Caesarea and in this campaign of Paul and Barnabas (verse Galatians 8 ). Jesus had promised that the Holy Spirit would guide them into all truth ( John 16:13 ). Even so the church deliberated carefully before deciding. What a blessing it would be if this were always true! But even so the Judaizers are only silenced for the present, not convinced and only waiting for a better day to start over again. No greater burden (mhden pleon baro). The restrictions named did constitute some burden (cf. Matthew 20:12 ), for the old word baro means weight or heaviness. Morality itself is a restraint upon one's impulses as is all law a prohibition against license.