Acts 15:3

They therefore (oi men oun). Luke's favourite method of resumptive narrative as we have seen ( Galatians 11:19 , etc.), demonstrative oi with men (indeed) and oun (therefore). Being brought on their way by the church (propempqente upo th ekklhsia). First aorist passive participle of propempw, old verb, to send forward under escort as a mark of honour as in Galatians 20:38 ; Galatians 21:5 ; 3 John 1:6 . They were given a grand send-off by the church in Antioch. Passed through (dihrconto). Imperfect middle describing the triumphal procession through both (te kai) Phoenicia and Samaria. The conversion (thn epistrophn). The turning. They caused great joy (epoioun caran megalhn). Imperfect active. They were raising a constant paean of praise as they proceeded toward Jerusalem. Probably the Judaizers had gone on or kept still.