Acts 15:7

When there had been much questioning (pollh zhthsew genomenh). Genitive absolute with second aorist middle participle of ginomai. Evidently the Judaizers were given full opportunity to air all their grievances and objections. They were allowed plenty of time and there was no effort to shut off debate or to rush anything through the meeting. Peter rose up (anasta Petro). The wonder was that he had waited so long. Probably Paul asked him to do so. He was the usual spokesman for the apostles and his activities in Jerusalem were well-known. In particular his experience at Caesarea ( Acts 10:24-48 ) had caused trouble here in Jerusalem from this very same party of the circumcism ( Acts 11:1-18 ). It was fitting that Peter should speak. This is the last time that Peter appears in the Acts. A good while ago (ap hmerwn arcaiwn). From ancient days. The adjective arcaio is from arch, beginning, and its actual age is a matter of relativity. So Mnason ( Acts 21:16 ) is termed "an ancient disciple." It was probably a dozen years since God "made choice" (exelexato) to speak by Peter's mouth to Cornelius and the other Gentiles in Caesarea. His point is that what Paul and Barnabas have reported is nothing new. The Judaizers made objection then as they are doing now.