Acts 16:19

Was gone (exhlqen). Was gone out of the slave girl, second aorist active indicative of exercomai. "The two most important social revolutions worked by Christianity have been the elevation of woman and the abolition of slavery" (Furneaux). Both are illustrated here (Lydia and this slave girl). "The most sensitive part of 'civilized' man is the pocket" (Ramsay). Laid hold on (epilabomenoi). Second aorist middle participle of epilambanw as in Luke 9:27 ; Luke 17:19 , but here with hostile intent. Dragged (eilkusan). First aorist active indicative of elkuw, late form of the old verb elkw (also in James 2:6 ) to draw as a sword, and then to drag one forcibly as here and James 21:30 . It is also used of spiritual drawing as by Jesus in John 12:32 . Here it is by violence. Into the marketplace (ei thn agoran). Into the Roman forum near which would be the courts of law as in our courthouse square, as in John 17:17 . Marketing went on also ( Mark 7:4 ), when the crowds collect ( Mark 6:56 ), from ageirw, to collect or gather. Unto the rulers (epi tou arconta). General Greek term for "the magistrates."