Acts 16:18

She did (epoiei). Imperfect active, kept it up for many days. The strange conduct gave Paul and the rest an unpleasant prominence in the community. Being sore troubled (diaponhqei). First aorist passive of diaponew, old verb, to work laboriously, then in passive to be "worked up," displeased, worn out. In the N.T. only here and Luke 4:2 which see (there of the Sadducees about Peter's preaching). Paul was grieved, annoyed, indignant. He wanted no testimony from a source like this any more than he did the homage of the people of Lystra ( Luke 14:14 ). That very hour (auth th wrai). Locative case of time and familiar Lukan idiom in his Gospel, "at the hour itself." The cure was instantaneous. Paul, like Jesus, distinguished between the demon and the individual.