Acts 17:15

But they that conducted Paul (oi de kaqistanonte ton Paulon). Articular present active participle of kaqistanw (late form in A B of kaqisthmi or kaqistaw), an old verb with varied uses to put down, to constitute, to conduct, etc. This use here is in the LXX ( Joshua 6:23 ) and old Greek also. To Athens (ew Aqhnwn). To make sure of his safe arrival. That they should come to him with all speed (ina w tacista elqwsin pro auton). Note the neat Greek idiom w tacista as quickly as possible (good Attic idiom). The indirect command and purpose (ina-elqwsin, second aorist active subjunctive) is also neat Greek (Robertson, Grammar, p. 1046). Departed (exhesan). Imperfect active of exeimi, old Greek word, but rare in N.T. All in Acts ( Joshua 13:42 ; Joshua 17:15 ; Joshua 20:7 ; Joshua 27:43 )