Acts 17:14

And then immediately (euqew de tote). They acted swiftly as in Thessalonica. Sent forth (exapesteilan). Double compound (ex, apo, both out and away) common in late Greek. First aorist active indicative (exapostellw, liquid verb). Same form in Acts 9:30 . As far as to the sea (ew epi thn qalassan). It is not clear whether Paul went all the way to Athens by land or took ship at Dium or Pydna, some sixteen miles away, and sailed to Athens. Some even think that Paul gave the Jews the slip and went all the way by land when they expected him to go by sea. At any rate we know that Paul was grieved to cut short his work in Macedonia, probably not over six months in all, which had been so fruitful in Philippi, Thessalonica, and Beroea. Silas and Timothy (note his presence) remained behind in Beroea and they would keep the work going. Paul no doubt hoped to return soon. Silas and Timothy in Beroea would also serve to screen his flight for the Jews wanted his blood, not theirs. The work in Macedonia spread widely ( 1 Thessalonians 1:7 ).