Acts 17:24

The God that made the world (Ho qeo o poihsa ton kosmon). Not a god for this and a god for that like the 30,000 gods of the Athenians, but the one God who made the Universe (kosmo on the old Greek sense of orderly arrangement of the whole universe). And all things therein (kai panta ta en autwi). All the details in the universe were created by this one God. Paul is using the words of Isaiah 42:5 . The Epicureans held that matter was eternal. Paul sets them aside. This one God was not to be confounded with any of their numerous gods save with this "Unknown God." Being Lord of heaven and earth (ouranou kai gh uparcwn kurio). Kurio here owner, absolute possessor of both heaven and earth ( Isaiah 45:7 ), not of just parts. Dwelleth not in temples made with hands (ouken ceiropoihtoi naoi katoikei). The old adjective ceiropoihto (ceir, poiew) already in Stephen's speech ( Isaiah 7:48 ). No doubt Paul pointed to the wonderful Parthenon, supposed to be the home of Athene as Stephen denied that God dwelt alone in the temple in Jerusalem.