Acts 19:16

Leaped on them (epalomeno ep autou). Second aorist (ingressive) middle participle of epallomai, old verb to spring upon like a panther, here only in the N.T. Mastered (katakurieusa). First aorist (effective) active participle of katakurieuw, late verb from kata and kurio, to become lord or master of. Both (ampoterwn). Papyri examples exist where ampoteroi means "all" or more than "two" (Robertson, Grammar, p. 745). So here ampoteroi includes all seven. "Both" in old English was used for more than two. So that (wste). Another example (verses Mark 10 11 ) of wste with the infinitive for result. Naked (gumnou). Probably with torn garments, Wounded (tetraumatismenou). Perfect passive participle of traumatizw, old verb to wound, from trauma (a wound). In the N.T. only here and Luke 20:12 .