Acts 19:25

Whom he gathered together (ou sunaqroisa). First aorist active participle of sunaqroizw, old verb to assemble together (aqroo, a crowd), in the N.T. only here and Acts 12:12 . With the workmen of like occupation (kai tou peri ta toiauta ergata). "And the workmen concerning such things," apparently those who made the marble and terra-cotta shrines who would also be affected in the same way. It was a gathering of the associated trades, not for a strike, for employer and employees met together, but in protest against the preaching of Paul. We have our wealth (h euporia hmin estin). The wealth is to us (dative of possession). This old word for wealth occurs here alone in the N.T. It is from eu and poro, easy to pass through, easy to accomplish, to be well off, wealthy, welfare, weal, well-being, rich. Demetrius appeals to this knowledge and self-interest of the artisans as the basis for their zeal for Artemis, piety for revenue.