Acts 19:28

They were filled with wrath (genomenoi plerei qumou). Having become full of wrath. Cried out (ekrazon). Inchoative imperfect, began to cry out and kept it up continuously. Reiteration was characteristic of the orgiastic exercises. The Codex Bezae adds after qumou (wrath): Dramonte ei thn ampodon (running into the street), which they certainly did after the speech of Demetrius. Great is Artemis of the Ephesians (Megalh h Artemi Epesiwn). D (Codex Bezae) omits h (the) and makes it read: "Great Artemis of the Ephesians." This was the usual cry of the votaries in their orgies as the inscriptions show, an ejaculatory outcry or prayer instead of an argument as the other MSS. have it. That is vivid and natural (Ramsay, Church in the Roman Empire, pp. 135f.). Yet on this occasion the artisans were making an argumentative protest and plea against Paul. An inscription at Dionysopolis has "Great is Apollo."