Acts 19:36

Cannot be gainsaid (anantirhtwn oun ontwn). Genitive absolute with oun (therefore). Undeniable (an, anti, rhto), verbal adjective. Occasionally in late Greek (Polybius, etc.), only here in N.T., but adverb anantirhtw in Acts 10:29 . These legends were accepted as true and appeased the mob. Ye ought (deon estin). It is necessary. Periphrastic present indicative instead of dei like 1 Peter 1:6 ; 1 Timothy 5:13 . Be quiet (katestalmenou). Perfect passive participle of katastellw (see verse 1 Timothy 35 ). Rash (propete). Old adjective from pro and petw, to fall forward, headlong, precipitate. In the N.T. only here and 2 Timothy 3:4 , though common in the Koin. Better look before you leap.