Acts 19:40

For indeed we are in danger to be accused concerning this day's riot (kai gar kinduneuomen egkaleisqai stasew peri th shmeron). The text is uncertain. The text of Westcott and Hort means "to be accused of insurrection concerning today's assembly." The peril was real. Kinduneuomen, from kinduno, danger, peril. Old verb, but in the N.T. only here and Luke 8:23 ; 1 Corinthians 15:30 . There being no cause for it (mhdeno aitiou uparconto). Genitive absolute with aitio, common adjective (cf. aitia, cause) though in N.T. only here and Hebrews 5:9 ; Luke 23:4 Luke 23:14 Luke 23:22 . And as touching it (peri ou). "Concerning which." But what? No clear antecedent, only the general idea. Give an account of this concourse (apodounai logon peri th sustroph tauth). Rationem reddere. They will have to explain matters to the proconsul. Sustroph (from sun, together, strepw, to turn) is a late word for a conspiracy ( Acts 23:12 ) and a disorderly riot as here (Polybius). In Acts 28:12 sustrepw is used of gathering up a bundle of sticks and of men combining in Matthew 17:22 . Seneca says that there was nothing on which the Romans looked with such jealousy as a tumultuous meeting.