Acts 19:39

Anything about other matters (ti peraiterw). Most MSS. here have ti peri eterwn, but B b Vulgate read ti peraiterw as in Plato's Paedo. Several papyri examples of it also. It is comparative peraitero of pera, beyond. Note also epi in epizhteite. Charges of illegal conduct (Page) should be settled in the regular legal way. But, if you wish to go further and pass resolutions about the matter exciting you, "it shall be settled in the regular assembly" (en twi ennomwi ekklhsiai). "In the lawful assembly," not by a mob like this. Wood (Ephesus) quotes an inscription there with this very phrase "at every lawful assembly" (kata pasan ennomon ekklhsian). The Roman officials alone could give the sanction for calling such a lawful or regular assembly. The verb epiluw is an old one, but in the N.T. only here and Mark 4:34 (which see) where Jesus privately opened or disclosed the parables to the disciples. The papyri give examples of the verb in financial transactions as well as of the metaphorical sense. The solution will come in the lawful assembly, not in a riot like this. See also 2 Peter 1:20 where the substantive epilusi occurs for disclosure or revelation (prophecy).