Acts 2:19

Wonders (terata). Apparently akin to the verb threw, to watch like a wonder in the sky, miracle (miraculum), marvel, portent. In the New Testament the word occurs only in the plural and only in connection with shmeia (signs) as here and in verse 1 Corinthians 43 . But signs (shmeia) here is not in the LXX. See on Matthew 11:20 . In verse Acts 2:22 all three words occur together: powers, wonders, signs (dunamesi, terasi, shmeioi). As above (anw). This word is not in the LXX nor is "beneath" (katw), both probably being added to make clearer the contrast between heaven and earth. Blood and fire and vapour of smoke (aima kai pur kai atmida kapnou). A chiasm as these words illustrate bloodshed and destruction by fire as signs here on earth.

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