Acts 2:35

Till I make (ew an qw). Second aorist active subjunctive of tiqhmi with an after ew for the future, a common Greek idiom. This dominion of Christ as Mediator will last till the plan of the kingdom is carried out ( 1 Corinthians 15:23-28 ). Complete subjugation will come, perhaps referring to the custom of victorious kings placing their feet upon the necks of their enemies ( Joshua 10:24 ). Therefore assuredly (Aspalw oun). Assuredly therefore, without any slip or trip (aspalh from a privative and spallw, to trip, to slip. Peter draws a powerfully pungent conclusion by the use of the adverb aspalw and the inferential conjunction oun. Peter's closing sentence drives home the point of his sermon: "This very Jesus whom ye crucified (note umei, strongly emphatic ye), him God made both Lord and Messiah" (kai kurion kai Criston), as David foretold in Psalms 110:1-7 and as the events of this day have confirmed. The critics are disturbed over how Luke could have gotten the substance of this masterful address spoken on the spur of the moment with passion and power. They even say that Luke composed it for Peter and put the words in his mouth. If so, he made a good job of it. But Peter could have written out the notes of the address afterwards. Luke had plenty of chances to get hold of it from Peter or from others.

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