Acts 20:10

Fell on him (epepesen autwi). Second aorist active indicative of epipiptw with dative case as Elijah did ( 1 Kings 17:21 ) and Elisha ( 2 Kings 4:34 ). Embracing (sunperilabwn). Second aorist active participle of sunperilambanw, old verb to embrace completely (take hold together round), but only here in the N.T. In Ezra 5:3 . Make ye no ado (mh qorubeisqe). Stop (mh and present middle imperative of qorubew) making a noise (qorubo) as the people did on the death of Jairus's daughter ( Matthew 9:23 qoruboumenou and Mark 5:38 qorubou) when Jesus asked Ti qorubeisqe? For his life is in him (h gar psuch autou en autwi estin). This language is relied on by Ramsay, Wendt, Zoeckler to show that Eutychus had not really died, but had merely swooned. Paul's language would suit that view, but it suits equally well the idea that he had just been restored to life and so is indecisive. Furneaux urges also the fact that his friends did not bring him back to the meeting till morning (verse Mark 12 ) as additional evidence that it was a case of swooning rather than of death. But this again is not conclusive as they would naturally not take him back at once. One will believe here as the facts appeal to him.