Acts 20:12

They brought the lad alive (hgagon ton paida zwnta). Second aorist active indicative of agw. Evidently the special friends of the lad who now either brought him back to the room or (Rendall) took him home to his family. Knowling holds that zwnta (living) here is pointless unless he had been dead. He had been taken up dead and now they brought him living. Not a little (ou metriw). Not moderately, that is a great deal. Luke is fond of this use of the figure litotes (use of the negative) instead of the strong positive ( Acts 1:5 , etc.). D (Codex Bezae) has here instead of hgagon these words: alpazomenwn de autwn hgagen ton neaniskon zwnta (while they were saying farewell he brought the young man alive). This reading pictures the joyful scene over the lad's restoration as Paul was leaving.