Acts 20:25

And now, behold (kai nun, idou). Second time and solemn reminder as in verse Romans 22 . I know (egw oida). Emphasis on egw which is expressed. Ye all (umei pante). In very emphatic position after the verb opsesqe (shall see) and the object (my face). Twice Paul will write from Rome ( Philippians 2:24 ; Philemon 1:22 ) the hope of coming east again; but that is in the future, and here Paul is expressing his personal conviction and his fears. The Pastoral Epistles show Paul did come to Ephesus again ( 1 Timothy 1:3 ; 1 Timothy 3:14 ; 1 Timothy 4:13 ) and Troas ( 2 Timothy 4:13 ) and Miletus ( 2 Timothy 4:20 ). There need be no surprise that Paul's fears turned out otherwise. He had reason enough for them. Among whom I went about (en oi dihlqon). Apparently Paul here has in mind others beside the ministers. They represented the church in Ephesus and the whole region where Paul laboured.