Acts 21:11

Coming (elqwn, second aorist active participle of ercomai), taking (ara, first aorist active participle of airw, to take up), binding (dhsa, first aorist active participle of dew, to bind). Vivid use of three successive participles describing the dramatic action of Agabus. Paul's girdle (thn zwnhn tou Paulou). Old word from zwnnumi, to gird. See on Acts 12:8 . His own feet and hands (eautou tou poda kai ta ceira). Basis for the interpretation. Old Testament prophets often employed symbolic deeds ( 1 Kings 22:11 ; James 2:2 ; Jeremiah 13:1-7 ; Ezekiel 4:1-6 ). Jesus interpreted the symbolism of Peter's girding himself ( John 21:18 ). So (outw). As Agabus had bound himself. Agabus was just from Jerusalem and probably knew the feeling there against Paul. At any rate the Holy Spirit revealed it to him as he claims. Shall deliver (paradwsousin). Like the words of Jesus about himself ( Matthew 20:19 ). He was "delivered" into the hands of the Gentiles and it took five years to get out of those hands.