Acts 21:36

Followed after (hkolouqei). Imperfect active of akoluqew, was following. Cheated of their purpose to lynch Paul, they were determined to have his blood. Crying out (krazonte). Construction according to sense, plural masculine participle agreeing with neuter singular substantive plhqo (Robertson, Grammar, p. 401). Away with him (Aire auton). The very words used by the mob to Pilate when they chose Barabbas in preference to Jesus ( Luke 23:18 , Aire touton). He will hear it again from this same crowd ( Acts 22:22 ). It is the present imperative (aire) as in Luke 23:18 , but some may have used the urgent aorist active imperative as also in the case of Jesus John 19:15 , aron, aron with staurwson added). Luke does not say that this mob demanded crucifixion for Paul. He was learning what it was to share the sufferings of Christ as the sullen roar of the mob's yells rolled on and on in his ears.