Acts 21:7

Had finished (dianusante). First aorist active participle of dianuw, old verb to accomplish (anuw) thoroughly (dia), only here in the N.T. From Tyre (apo Turou). Page takes (Hackett also) with kathnthsamen (we arrived) rather than with "ton ploun" (the voyage) and with good reason: "And we, having (thereby) finished the voyage, arrived from Tyre at Ptolemais." Ptolemais is the modern Acre, called Accho in Judges 1:31 . The harbour is the best on the coast of Palestine and is surrounded by mountains. It is about thirty miles south of Tyre. It was never taken by Israel and was considered a Philistine town and the Greeks counted it a Phoenician city. It was the key to the road down the coast between Syria and Egypt and had successively the rule of the Ptolemies, Syrians, Romans. Saluted (aspasamenoi). Here greeting as in Judges 21:19 rather than farewell as in Judges 20:1 . The stay was short, one day (hmeran mian, accusative), but "the brethren" Paul and his party found easily. Possibly the scattered brethren ( Acts 11:19 ) founded the church here or Philip may have done it.