Acts 22:20

Was shed (execunneto). Imperfect passive of ekcunnw (see on "Mt 23:35"), was being shed. Witness (marturo). And "martyr" also as in Revelation 2:13 ; Revelation 17:6 . Transition state for the word here. I also was standing by (kai auto hmhn epestw). Periphrastic second past perfect in form, but imperfect (linear) in sense since estw=istameno (intransitive). Consenting (suneudokwn). The very word used by Luke in Acts 8:1 about Paul. Koin word for being pleased at the same time with (cf. Luke 11:48 ). Paul adds here the item of "guarding the clothes of those who were slaying (anairountwn as in Luke 23:32 ; Acts 12:2 ) him" (Stephen). Paul recalls the very words of protest used by him to Jesus. He did not like the idea of running away to save his own life right where he had helped slay Stephen. He is getting on dangerous ground.