Acts 22:30

To know the certainty (gnwnai to aspale). Same idiom in Matthew 21:34 which see. Wherefore he was accused (to ti kategoreitai). Epexegetical after to aspale. Note article (accusative case) with the indirect question here as in Luke 22:1 Luke 22:23 Luke 22:24 (which see), a neat idiom in the Greek. Commanded (ekeleusen). So the Sanhedrin had to meet, but in the Tower of Antonia, for he brought Paul down (katagagwn, second aorist active participle of katagw). Set him (esthsen). First aorist active (transitive) indicative of isthmi, not the intransitive second aorist esth. Lysias is determined to find out the truth about Paul, more puzzled than ever by the important discovery that he has a Roman citizen on his hands in this strange prisoner.