Acts 22:7

I fell (epesa). Second aorist active indicative with -a rather than epeson, the usual form of piptw. Unto the ground (ei to edapo). Old word, here alone in N.T. So the verb edapizw, is in Luke 19:44 alone in the N.T. A voice saying (pwnh legoush). Genitive after hkousa, though in Luke 26:14 the accusative is used after hkousa, as in Luke 22:14 after akousai, either being allowable. See on Luke 9:7 for discussion of the difference in case. Saul's name repeated each time ( Luke 9:4 ; Luke 22:7 ; Luke 26:14 ). Same question also in each report: "Why persecuted thou me?" (Ti me diwkei?). These piercing words stuck in Paul's mind.