Acts 23:21

Do not therefore yield unto them (Su oun mh peisqh autoi). First aorist passive subjunctive of peiqw, common verb, here to be persuaded by, to listen to, to obey, to yield to. With negative and rightly. Do not yield to them (dative) at all. On the aorist subjunctive with mh in prohibitions against committing an act see Robertson, Grammar, pp. 851-4. For there lie in wait (enedreuousin gar). Present active indicative of enedreuw, old verb from enedra (verse Acts 16 ), in the N.T. only here and Luke 11:54 which see. Till they have slain him (ew ou anelwsin auton). Same idiom as in verse Acts 23:12 save that here we have anelwsin (second aorist active subjunctive) instead of apokteinwsin (another word for kill), "till they slay him." Looking for the promise from thee (prosdecomenoi thn apo sou epaggelian). This item is all that is needed to put the scheme through, the young man shrewdly adds.