Acts 25:14

Tarried (dietribon). Imperfect active of diatribw, common verb for spending time ( Acts 12:19 , etc.). Many days (pleiou hmera). More days (than a few). Accusative case for extent of time. Laid Paul's case (aneqeto ta kata ton Paulon). Second aorist middle indicative of anatiqhmi, old verb to set before, to place up, as if for consultation in conference. Only twice in N.T. here and Galatians 2:2 . The motive of Festus is not given, though it was natural enough in view of the quandary of Festus about Paul (the things about Paul) and Agrippa's interest in and responsibility for Jewish worship in the temple in Jerusalem. It is quite possible that Festus had a bit of ennui over the visit of these Jewish dignitaries as "more days" went by. Hence the tone of Festus about Paul in this proposal for the entertainment of Agrippa and Bernice is certainly one of superficial and supremely supercilious indifference. Left a prisoner (katalelimmeno desmio). Perfect passive participle of kataleipw, to leave behind. Paul is one of Felix's left overs (left behind), a sort of "junk" left on his hands. This cowardly Roman procurator thus pictures the greatest of living men and the greatest preacher of all time to this profligate pair (brother and sister) of sinners. Undoubtedly today in certain circles Christ and his preachers are held up to like contempt.