Acts 25:24

Which are here present with us (oi sunparonte hmin). Present articular participle of sunpareimi (only here in N.T.) with associative instrumental case hmin. Made suit to me (enetucon moi). Second aorist active indicative of entugcanw, old verb to fall in with a person, to go to meet for consultation or supplication as here. Common in old Greek and Koin. Cf. Romans 8:27 Romans 8:34 . See enteuxi (petition) 1 Timothy 2:1 . Papyri give many examples of the technical sense of enteuxi as petition (Deissmann, Bible Studies, p. 121). Some MSS. have plural here enetucon rather than the singular enetucen. Crying (bownte). Yelling and demanding with loud voices. That he ought not to live any longer (mh dein auton zhn mhketi). Indirect command (demand) with the infinitive dein for dei (it is necessary). The double negative (mh--mhketi) with zhn intensifies the demand.