Acts 25:27

Unreasonable (alogon). Old word from a privative and logo (reason, speech). "Without reason" as of animals ( Jude 1:10 ; 2 Peter 2:12 ), "contrary to reason" here. These the only N.T. instances and in harmony with ancient usage. In sending (pemponta). Note accusative case with the infinitive shmanai though moi (dative) just before. Cf. same variation in 2 Peter 15:22 ; 2 Peter 22:17 . Signify (shmanai). First aorist active infinitive (not shmhnai, the old form) of shmainw, to give a sign (shmeion). The charges (ta aitia). This naive confession of Festus reveals how unjust has been his whole treatment of Paul. He had to send along with the appeal of Paul litterae dimissoriae (apostoli) which would give a statement of the case (Page).