Acts 25:3

Asking favour against him (aitoumenoi carin kat autou). A favour to themselves (middle voice), not to Paul, but "against" (kat, down, against) him. That he would send for (opw metapempshtai). First aorist middle subjunctive of metapempw (see Acts 24:24 Acts 24:26 ) with final particle opw like ina. Aorist tense for single case. Laying wait (enedran poiounte). See on Acts 23:16 for the word enedra. Old idiom (Thucydides) for laying a plot or ambush as here. Only these two uses of enedra in N.T. Two years before the Sanhedrin had agreed to the plot of the forty conspirators. Now they propose one on their own initiative. On the way (kata thn odon). Down along, up and down along the way. Plenty of opportunity would occur between Caesarea and Jerusalem for ambush and surprise attacks.