Acts 26:13

At midday (hmera mesh). Genitive of time and idiomatic use of meso, in the middle of the day, more vivid than meshmbrian ( Luke 22:6 ). Above the brightness of the sun (uper thn lamprothta tou hliou). Here alone not in Acts 9:1 ff.; Acts 22:1 ff., though implied in Acts 9:3 ; Acts 22:6 , "indicating the supernatural character of the light" (Knowling). Luke makes no effort to harmonize the exact phrases here with those in the other accounts and Paul here (verse Acts 16 ) blends together what Jesus said to him directly and the message of Jesus through Ananias ( Acts 9:15 ). The word lamproth, old word, is here alone in the N.T. Shining round about me (perilampsan me). First aorist active participle of perilampw, common Koin verb, in N.T. only here and Luke 2:9 .