Acts 26:20

But declared (alla aphggellon). Imperfect active of apaggellw, repeatedly. Throughout all the country of Judea (pasan te thn cwran th Ioudaia). The accusative here in the midst of the datives (toi en Damaskwi, Ierosolumoi, toi eqnesin) seems strange and Page feels certain that ei should be here even though absent in Aleph A B. But the accusative of extent of space will explain it (Robertson, Grammar, p. 469). Doing works worthy of repentance (axia th metanoia erga prassonta). Accusative case of present active participle prassonta because of the implied autou with the present infinitive metanoein (repent) and epistrepein (turn), though the dative prassousin could have been used to agree with eqnesin (Gentiles). Cf. Matthew 3:8 for similar language used of the Baptist. Paul, the greatest of theologians, was an interesting practical preacher.