Acts 27:11

Gave more heed (mallon epeiqeto). Imperfect middle of peiqw, to yield to (with the dative case). The "Frumentarian" centurion ranked above the captain and owner. As a military officer the centurion was responsible for the soldiers, the prisoners, and the cargo of wheat. It was a government ship. Though the season was not advanced, the centurion probably feared to risk criticism in Rome for timidity when the wheat was so much needed in Rome (Knowling). To the master (twi kubernhth). Old word from kubernaw, to steer, and so steersman, pilot, sailing-master. Common in this sense in the papyri. In N.T. only here and Revelation 18:17 . And to the owner of the ship (kai twi nauklhrwi). Old word compounded of nau and klhro and used for owner of the ship who acted as his own skipper or captain. The papyri examples (Moulton and Milligan's Vocabulary) all have the meaning "captain" rather than "owner."