Acts 27:18

As we laboured exceedingly with the storm (spodrw ceimazomenwn hmwn). Genitive absolute with present passive participle of ceimazw, old verb to afflict with a tempest (ceima, stormy weather), to toss upon the waves, here alone in N.T. They began to throw overboard (ekbalhn epoiounto). Literally, "They began to make (inchoative imperfect middle of poiew) a casting out" (ekbolhn from ekballw, to cast out, old word, only here in N.T.). Cf. Latin jacturam facere. This to lighten the ship by throwing overboard the cargo. The grain in the ship would shift and make it list and so added to the danger. They cast out (eripsan). Third person plural aorist active of riptw, not eripsamen as Textus Receptus. With their own hands (autoceire). Old word (auto, ceir) but here alone in N.T. Vivid and graphic touch by Luke who, of course, watched every movement day by day. The tackling (thn skeuhn). The furniture of the ship that could be spared. It was becoming desperate.