Acts 27:2

In a ship of Adramyttium (ploiwi Hadramunthnwi). A boat belonging to Adramyttium, a city in Mysia in the province of Asia. Probably a small coasting vessel on its way home for the winter stopping at various places (topou). Julius would take his chances to catch another ship for Rome. The usual way to go to Rome was to go to Alexandria and so to Rome, but no large ship for Alexandria was at hand. We put to sea (anhcqhmen). First aorist passive of anagw, usual word in Luke. Aristarchus, a Macedonian of Thessalonica, being with us (onto sun hmin Aristarcou Makedono Tessalonikew). Genitive absolute. Ramsay suggests that Luke and Aristarchus accompanied Paul as his slaves since they would not be allowed to go as his friends. But Luke was Paul's physician and may have gained permission on that score.