Acts 28:19

When the Jews spake against it (antilegontwn twn Ioudaiwn). Genitive absolute again, antilegontwn (antilegw) common verb for speaking against as in Luke 13:45 . Clementer dicit (Bengel). "The word is a mild one to describe the bitter enmity of the Jews" (Knowling). I was constrained (hnagkasqhn). "I was compelled," first aorist passive indicative of anagkazw, the very word used of Paul's efforts to get the Christians to blaspheme ( Luke 26:11 ) which see. Paul was compelled to appeal to Caesar (see Luke 25:11 Luke 25:12 for this phrase), unless Paul was willing to be the victim of Jewish hate when he had done no wrong. Not that I had aught to accuse my nation of (ouc w tou eqnou mou ecwn ti kathgorein). This use of w with a participle (ecwn) is common in Greek for the alleged reason. The genitive case with the infinitive kathgorein is regular. Paul says eqno instead of lao as in Luke 24:17 ; Luke 26:4 .