Acts 4:32

Of one heart and soul (kardia kai psuch mia). It is not possible to make sharp distinction between heart and soul here (see Mark 12:30 ), only that there was harmony in thought and affection. But the English translation is curiously unlike the Greek original. "There was one heart and soul (nominative case, not genitive as the English has it) in the multitude (tou plhqou, subjective genitive) of those who believed." Not one of them (oude ei). More emphatic than oudei, "not even one." Common (koina). In the use of their property, not in the possession as Luke proceeds to explain. The word koino is kin to sun (together with)=xun (Epic) and so xuno=koino. See this word already in Mark 2:44 . The idea of unclean ( Acts 10:15 ) is a later development from the original notion of common to all.

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