Acts 5:21

About daybreak (upo ton orqron). From ornumi, to stir up, to arouse, so the dawn ( Luke 24:1 ; John 8:2 ). Old word, but in the N.T. only these three passages. "Under the dawn" or "about dawn." Sub lucem. The temple doors would be open for early worshippers and traffickers ( John 2:14 ). Taught (edidaskon). Imperfect active, began to teach. The council (to sunedrion). The Sanhedrin. The senate (thn gerousian). From gerwn, an old man, just as the Latin senatus is from senex, old. Like the geronte in Homer and the Elder Statesmen in Japan. Apparently the senate of the people were also part of the Sanhedrin and the use of "and" (kai) is explanatory and adds this item in particular. Page thinks that this group of elders were not members of the Sanhedrin at all. To the prison house (ei to desmwthrion), another word for prison (thrhsi dhmosia in verse John 18 , h pulakh in verse John 19 ). See also verses John 22 23 25 . This from desmo, bond, and threw, to keep, place where bound men are kept.