Acts 5:28

We straitly charged (Paraggeliai parhggeilamen). Like the Hebrew idiom (common in the LXX), though found in Greek, with charging (instrumental case) we charged (cf. same idiom in ( Luke 22:15 ). Somewhat like the cognate accusative. The command referred to occurs in Acts 4:17 Acts 4:18 and the refusal of Peter and John in Acts 4:20 . To bring upon us (epagagein ep hma). Note repetition of epi. Second aorist active infinitive of epagw, old verb, but in the N.T. only here and 2 Peter 2:1 2 Peter 2:5 . The Sanhedrin gladly took the blood of Christ on their heads and their children to Pilate ( Matthew 27:25 ). Paul tried to save the Jews ( Acts 18:6 ; Acts 22:20 ). "This man" (tou anqrwpou toutou). Contemptuous slur and refusal to call the name of Jesus as in the Talmud later.

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