Acts 6:7

Increased (huxanen). Imperfect active, kept on growing all the more because the apostles were now relieved from the daily ministration of the food. Multiplied (eplhquneto). Imperfect passive. The two imperfects kept pace with each other. Of the priests (twn ierwn). Who were usually Sadducees. It was a sad day for Annas and Caiaphas and all the sect of the Sadducees ( Acts 5:17 ). Were obedient to (uphkouon). Imperfect active of upakouw, repetition, one after another. The faith (th pistei). Here meaning the gospel, the faith system as in Romans 1:5 ; Galatians 1:23 ; Jude 1:3 , etc. Here the word means more than individual trust in Christ.