Acts 7:22

Was instructed (epaideuqh). First aorist passive indicative of paideuw, to train a child (pai), the usual idea in ancient Greek as here. The notion of chastisement ( Hebrews 12:6 ) is also in the old Greek and especially in the LXX and the N.T. Here with instrumental case (pash sopiai) or the locative. The accusative would usually be retained after this verb. The priestly caste in Egypt was noted for their knowledge of science, astronomy, medicine, and mathematics. This reputation was proverbial ( 1 Kings 4:30 ). Modern discoveries have thrown much light on the ancient civilization of Egypt. Moses, like Paul, was a man of the schools. Mighty in his words and works (dunato en logoi kai ergoi autou). The same phrase used of Jesus in Luke 24:19 . The adjective dunato is employed of Apollos as an interpreter of the Scriptures ( Acts 18:24 ). Moses did not have the rhetorical skill or eloquence of Aaron ( Exodus 4:10 ), but his words like his deeds carried weight and power.