Acts 7:44

The tabernacle of the testimony (h skhnh tou marturiou). Probably suggested by the mention of "the tabernacle of Moloch" (verse Amos 43 ). See on "Mt 17:4" for discussion of skhnh (from skia, shadow, root ska, to cover). This first sanctuary was not the temple, but the tent in the wilderness. "Stephen passes on from the conduct of the Israelites to his other argument that God is not necessarily worshipped in a particular spot" (Page). According to the figure (kata ton tupon). According to the type or pattern. Tupo is from tuptw, to strike, to smite, and is the print of the blow ( John 20:25 ), then the figure formed by a blow or impression like our type, a model or example. Quoted from Exodus 25:40 . Common word in the old Greek. That he had seen (on ewrakei). Past perfect active of oraw, to see (double reduplication).