Acts 7:53

Ye who (oitine). The very ones who, quippe qui, often in Acts when the persons are enlarged upon ( Acts 8:15 ; Acts 9:35 ; Acts 10:41 Acts 10:47 ). As it was ordained by angels (ei diataga aggelwn). About angels see on Acts 7:38 . Diatagh (from diatassw, to arrange, appoint) occurs in late Greek, LXX, inscriptions, papyri, Deissmann, Light from the Ancient East, pp. 89ff., and in N.T. only here and Romans 13:2 . At (or as) the appointment of angels (cf. Matthew 10:41 ; Matthew 12:41 for this use of ei). And kept it not (kai ouk epulaxate). Like a whipcracker these words cut to the quick. They gloried in possessing the law and openly violated it ( Romans 2:23 ).