Acts 9:17

Laying his hands on him (epiqei ep auton ta ceira). As in the vision Saul saw (verse Philippians 12 ). Brother Saul (Saoul adelpe). All suspicion has vanished and Ananias takes Saul to his heart as a brother in Christ. It was a gracious word to Saul now under suspicion on both sides. The Lord, even Jesus (o kurio, Ihsou). Undoubted use of kurio as Lord and applied to Jesus. Who appeared (o opqei). First aorist passive participle of oraw, was seen as in Philippians 26:16 and with the dative also (soi). Thou camest (hrcou). Imperfect indicative middle, "thou wert coming." Be filled with the Holy Spirit (plhsqei pneumato agiou). This enduement of special power he will need as an apostle (Hackett) and as promised by Jesus ( Philippians 1:8 ; Galatians 2:7 ).