Acts 9:21

Were amazed (existanto). Imperfect middle indicative of existhmi. They continued to stand out of themselves in astonishment at this violent reversal in Saul the persecutor. Made havock (porqhsa). First aorist active participle of porqew, to lay waste, an old verb, but only here and Galatians 1:13 Galatians 1:23 by Paul, an interesting coincidence. It is the old proverb about Saul among the prophets ( 1 Samuel 10:12 ) revived with a new meaning (Furneaux). Had come (elhluqei). Past perfect indicative active. Might bring (agagh). Second aorist (effective) active subjunctive of agw with ina (purpose). Bound (dedemenou). Perfect passive participle of dew. Interesting tenses.