Acts 9:8

He saw nothing (ouden eblepen). Imperfect active indicative, was seeing nothing. "The glory of that light" ( Acts 22:11 ) when he saw Jesus had blinded his eyes now wide open (anewigmenwn, perfect passive participle of anoigw with double reduplication). The blindness was proof that something had happened to him and that it was no hallucination that he had seen the Risen Christ. Saul arose after the others were on their feet. They led him by the hand (ceiragwgounte). From ceiragwgo (ceir, hand and agw, to lead). Only here in the N.T., but in LXX and late writers though not in the old Greek. It was a pathetic picture to see the masterful Saul, victorious persecutor and conqueror of the disciples, now helpless as a child.