Colossians 1:4

Having heard of (akousante). Literary plural unless Timothy is included. Aorist active participle of akouw of antecedent action to eucaristoumen. Epaphras (verse Colossians 8 ) had told Paul. Your faith in Jesus Christ (thn pistin umwn en Ihsou Cristwi). See Ephesians 1:15 for similar phrase. No article is needed before en as it is a closely knit phrase and bears the same sense as the objective genitive in Galatians 2:16 (dia pistew Cristou Ihsou, by faith in Christ Jesus). Which ye have (hn ecete). Probably genuine (Aleph A C D), though B omits it and others have the article (thn). There is a real distinction here between en (sphere or basis) and ei (direction towards), though they are often identical in idea.