Colossians 1:5

Because of the hope (dia thn elpida). See Romans 8:24 . It is not clear whether this phrase is to be linked with euca istoumen at the beginning of verse Romans 3 or (more likely) with thn agaphn just before. Note also here pisti (faith), agaph (love), elpi (hope), though not grouped together so sharply as in 1 Corinthians 13:13 . Here hope is objective, the goal ahead. Laid up (apokeimeinhn). Literally, "laid away or by." Old word used in Luke 19:20 of the pound laid away in a napkin. See also apoqhsaurizw, to store away for future use ( 1 Timothy 6:19 ). The same idea occurs in Matthew 6:20 (treasure in heaven) and 1 Peter 1:4 and it is involved in Philemon 3:20 . Ye heard before (prohkousate). First aorist indicative active of this old compound proakouw, though only here in the N.T. Before what? Before Paul wrote? Before the realization? Before the error of the Gnostics crept in? Each view is possible and has advocates. Lightfoot argues for the last and it is probably correct as is indicated by the next clause. In the word of the truth of the gospel (en twi logwi th alhqeia tou euaggeliou). "In the preaching of the truth of the gospel" ( Galatians 2:5 Galatians 2:14 ) which is come (paronto, present active participle agreeing with euaggeliou, being present, a classical use of pareimi as in Acts 12:20 ). They heard the pure gospel from Epaphras before the Gnostics came.