Colossians 2:6

As therefore ye received (w oun parelabete). Second aorist active indicative of paralambanw in same sense as in 1 Thessalonians 4:1 ; Philippians 4:9 (both manqanw and paralambanw) that is like manqanw, to learn ( Colossians 1:7 ), from Epaphras and others. Christ Jesus the Lord (ton Criston Ihsoun ton Kurion). This peculiar phrase occurs nowhere else by Paul. We have often o Cristo (the Christ or Messiah) as in Philippians 1:15 , Ihsou Cristo (Jesus Christ), Cristo Ihsou (Christ Jesus), o Kurio Ihsou (the Lord Jesus, very often), but nowhere else o Cristo Ihsou and Ihsou o Kurio. Hence it is plain that Paul here meets the two forms of Gnostic heresy about the Person of Christ (the recognition of the historical Jesus in his actual humanity against the Docetic Gnostics, the identity of the Christ or Messiah with this historical Jesus against the Cerinthian Gnostics, and the acknowledgment of him as Lord). "As therefore ye received the Christ (the Messiah), Jesus the Lord." Ye were taught right. Walk in him (en autwi peripateite). "Go on walking in him" (present active indicative of peripatew). Stick to your first lessons in Christ.